Friday, June 19, 2009

has it really been this long? And yes, I'm still alive! :)

I think in my last post I promised to post more often - only that was some 8 or 9 months ago... and, I ask, wherever did those months go??!!

Time just seems to whisk by these days!

Here's a few random "catch up" facts of what I'm up to now:

1) Derivatives. Logs. Integrals. Tangent lines. Ugh. Yes - I'm taking a summer calculus class! And already in over my head... as in, will bake cookes for tutor. (hehe). I'm grateful for a dad who has the math brain that somehow skipped me!

2) Music. Still involved in the music at church about 3 weeks a month. Also singing with the Sunday School aged kids. When I suggested to the children that they sing out, as in loud-enough-so-as-not-to-sound-totally-bored-yet-not-ear-splitting, they asked if they could "scream." Um, no. However, I did introduce a song in which there is a line "Praise Him with a shout!" and they are allowed to "shout" the word "shout." This has become their favorite song, and we now sing it often. As in: Every. Single. Week. Twice. Ah yes, fun! :) Oh, and their teachers, (one of whom is my mom) absolutely love me for it... ;)

3) Major switch. Right, from accounting to business. Never thought this would happen, and my accounting professor gave every evidence of being broken-hearted over it, but my motivation is that I graduate a semester earlier by switching. It was odd timing, immediately after a particularly intimidating accounting exam, and actually my fellow students told the professor that I switched because of his difficult exam. He took it personally. My poor professor.

4) Car. My Plymouth Breeze had come to the point where I refused to put any more money in it. It was time to find a more reliable car, yet one that would still fit in my small (think college student) budget. Well, my dad and I found a DEAL! Yes, we were so excited I bought the car on the spot, and post purchase realized that a) the A/C didn't work (minor detail, who needs it?) b) the windows stuck when you rolled them down (yikes don't like that one!) c) it smelled like cigarette smoke (somehow we didn't notice because of the DEAL) d) oh, and other things stick, such as the gear shift and the key, but if you wiggle them just long enough you can work with it. Anyway, what a DEAL! :D

5) Can't. Wait. For school to end. Oh, hang on, that one isn't new... :)

6) Hiking. Yes, I actually fit a hike in BEFORE finals this spring! :) (I was sore for two days, ahem, could that mean, out of shape?! I think possibly. :) )

7) Lots of other stuff. Yes, busy, busy. And honestly, since this has been a very difficult year, I wouldn't have it any other way. I think I needed every distraction I've had, even when I complain about the lack of sleep! I actually think that this has been a trend for me over the last few years, as in whenever I went through a particularly difficult time, it was also such a busy time that I didn't have too much extra time to think. And that's been a good thing. Anyway... I'm still taking it one day at a time. And in less than 365 of those days I will have graduated and will be looking for something else to keep me busy... :)

I've missed writing, and hope to post another update soon (say maybe a real blog post as opposed to this rather strange quick-facts-of-what-I've-been-up-to-blog-post).

And this time, I'm thinking soon will mean something less than the last 8 or 9 months that went by since my last post...


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Ginger said...

Oh I am so glad to hear from you!! That is so funny about our matching fact post! lol Yes, please, please update a little sooner than the last post! Like I can talk? lol I have not been doing great in updating my blog myself!!! Again great hearing from you!