Monday, June 2, 2008

See the Horse, See the Dog, See the Vet Bill

See the horse. The horse's name is Trigger. Trigger likes to eat grass. Trigger likes to trample the garden. Trigger broke through his gate so he could trample the garden.

See the dog. The dog's name is Lucky. Lucky likes to bark. Lucky likes to run. Lucky likes to
attack anything that moves. Porcupines move. Lucky got a mouthful of porcupines quills for the fifth time in his *known* career. Lucky had to go to the ER vet clinic to be sedated and have his quills removed.
See this dog. The dog's name is Gideon. Gideon also likes to bark and run. But Gideon likes to jump THROUGH glass windows. Gideon wanted to go outside. Gideon was impatient. SO GIDEON CHEWED, CLAWED, AND SPLINTERED THE WOOD SURROUNDING THE GLASS WINDOW UNTIL HE COULD BREAK THROUGH. Gideon now had a cut paw. Gideon is wearing a pretty yellow bandage.

*And all in the same day.* My. Oh. My.
P.S. And the addendum to that story would be "See Jen. See Jen try to handle these animals alone while her family is in Virginia. See Jen slowly lose her mind. Poor Jen."


Sarah said...

Oh, my! You certainly did not have a boring day! I hope that today will be better (or at least less exciting! :) than yesterday.

Ginger said...

LOL...What a day!! Poor Jen I say!!